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The entire world recycles more than 400 million tons of metal annually. Britain alone recycles millions and millions of metal every year, in turn resulting in billions of revenue profited for companies, people and groups across the UK. There is a demand from overseas far and wide for recycled metal that is collected and sorted in Britain. The UK keeps about for manufacturing more metal and then other half is exported out of the UK to meet those supply demands. Metal has an unlimited number of uses, making it the most versatile material in the world.


Metal should not end up in landfills or the trash because it will always be useful. Do your part to save the planet and recycle your scrap metal, as well as contribute to the economy of the nation. Steelworks purchases more than 5 million tons from metal recycling and the country exports more than 8 million tons.

The biggest benefit to metal recycling is that metal never loses its properties of itself ever, so it can essentially be recycled again and again and still retaining all of its own components. With commodities like this that are so it is important that people remember to bring the items in for metal recycling rather than trash the item. Most households around the world today use an enormous amount of aluminium and steel. Food cans are made from steel metal and soft drink cans are made from Aluminium metal.

A magnet will quickly let you know which metals in your home are steel and, which are aluminium; only steel is magnetic out of the two. This quick identification system makes for streamlining processes in metal recycling and metal depot recycling centres due to the simplicity to be immediately sorted into aluminium and steel by just using a large magnet.

Metal is always separated into two different categories: Non-Ferrous Metals and Ferrous Metals. Ferrous metals include a large spectrum of products, items and scrap metal that are all either steel metal or iron metal. This includes car scrap metal, food cans, household appliances and more. Non-Ferrous Metals that are a recycled range from household takeaways like aluminium foil, drinking cans, baking trays, bottle milk lids made of foil and many disposable kitchen items. Other Non-Ferrous metals to come in are lead, titanium, nickel, chromium and brass.

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